Code of conduct

1. General behavior

It is crucial to us, that our players find themselves in a friendly environment

  1. Harassment of all types is forbidden. This includes spam of any type, bullying, insults, trolling, hate speech, sexual harassment, threats, public humiliation or degradation, extremism, and discrimination. All of this applies to, among others, text, audio, and visual content, (team-) names and abbreviations as well as builds
  2. Adult content
  3. Unsportsmanlike behavior toward newcomers, especially taking advantage of their lack of knowledge
  4. The publication or distribution of private information of other players

2. Chat behavior

  1. Using invisible Unicode characters as well as characters larger than the normal chat size is prohibited
  2. You may only write or talk in English or German

3. Fairness

In order to enable fairness, the following must be noted

  1. It is forbidden to create unfair advantages that go beyond performance and zooms. This includes game modifications, auto clickers, and tools that artificially increase the amount of clicks, macros, scripts, or other applications that influence the gameplay.
  2. Circumventing, or attempting to circumvent, systems designed to ensure safety or fairness is strictly prohibited.
    1. The distribution of information or tools that enable the circumvention of such systems is also prohibited
  3. It is forbidden to use modifications that make it possible to save the arrangement of blocks or display them. This includes, among others, modifications such as World Downloader, Litematica, and the Replay Mod. The latter may only be used by users with YouTube rank, or members of the server team starting at Supporters.
    1. The right to use certain modifications through special permissions must not be abused.
  4. It is forbidden to copy the construction of redstone circuits, TNT arrangements, and technological principles, as well as entire cannons and shield techniques via ways not made possible by a player’s carelessness, or to implement them yourself by obtaining information without permission. This is considered tech theft and will be severely punished.
    1. It is forbidden to use stolen tech or information about it yourself, whether it was stolen yourself or obtained through sharing or other methods. This includes downloading or copying tech.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to publish information obtained through rule violations, regardless of when they occurred. Cases prior to the introduction of this rule will be noted accordingly. (This rule was introduced on April 26, 2023).
  6. Members of one’s team may not be willfully interfered with in an excessive way unless otherwise required by the game mode or event.
  7. The abuse of functionalities that grant visibility of entities normally hidden from view is strictly prohibited. This encompasses, but is not limited to, actions such as chunk reloading using hotkeys like F3+A or initiating shader reloads.

4. Server integrity

To be able to guarantee server security and our communities future, the following guidelines must be followed

  1. Attacks against the server, using proxy servers, virtual private networks and IP changers to harm the server are prohibited in any form.
  2. Bypassing any punishments given by the server team is prohibited.
  3. It is forbidden to exploit game and/or plugin bugs.
    1. It is forbidden to spread information about plugin errors if they lead to unfair advantages. These must be reported to the server team.
  4. Behavior which disproportionately impairs the communities integrity may be subject to sanctions.
  5. Teams which disproportionately affect the server, the community and it’s future, can be disbanded after being warned.
    1. If members of such a team continue to create similar teams, further penalties may follow
  6. Information about potential misconduct may not be posted as a thread or forum post. The following subpoints are the correct ways to address accusations:
    • Submitting the information in the form of a ticket.
    • Initiation of private contact with the moderation, Admiralseekrank, or an authority within the server team corresponding to the allegations (Builder leadership/Head Devs). This option is particularly suitable if the misconduct is attributed to a member of the server team.

5. Behavior toward the server team

  1. Decisions made by the server team are not open for discussion.
  2. Instructions from team members must be followed, refusal will be punished
  3. Asking for rights like „supporter“ or „moderator“ is prohibited.
  4. Lying to the server team can either extend penalties or lead to a new penalty, even if the reason for the questioning had not led to a penalty. This only applies if the questioning is about a possible rule violation.
  5. Multiple submissions of one or more schematics without correcting the offending features should be avoided.
  6. Using nametags before and after the name (e.g..: [Moderator], (Admin), {Developer} or |Sup|) is strictly prohibited.
  7. Attacks against a server team member are considered an attack against the entire server team
  8. Griefing on the builder cloud is prohibited.
  9. It is forbidden to deceive or try to deceive the server team. This applies in particular to the schematic verification process.

6. Advertisements

  1. Advertising in any form must be approved by the server management before publication. Exceptions to this are players with the YouTube rank, who may advertise their own content at any time as long as it involves the server and the advertising is done in moderation.
    1. Outside of paragraph 6.1, content that could be considered advertising may only be published as a response to a player asking for a link or a name. This may not be abused

7. Guidelines in relation to rule-breaking

The following guidelines deal with the behavior around any rule breaks

  1. Encouraging players to break the rules will be punished
  2. Failure to report or distance yourself from a violation that affects fairness or server integrity will be considered complicity and is therefore also punishable as a rule violation. Every player is encouraged to report any suspicious behavior or rule violations to the server team immediately to ensure a fair and safe gaming environment.


  1. Any trade, whether with real or virtual goods, is prohibited and punished accordingly.
  2. You may not trade goods that were created on or with This includes Trading outside SteamWar

9. Teamserver Integration

  1. The behavioral guidelines also apply to team servers connected to the SteamWar network via the team server integration, provided that more players than those of the connected team and few other selected people are allowed on the team server. Exceptions to this are paragraph 4.3.1, as incidents of this nature must be reported to the according server operator unless it is about SteamWar, as well as paragraph 3.1.
    1. Adding rules that expand our behavioral guidelines is allowed as long as they do not violate our code of conduct.
    2. This rule only applies as long as the corresponding players have also entered the team server via

10. Events

  1. Schematics that have been distributed by SteamWar in limited form may not be redistributed.

The exploitation of loopholes in these guidelines and otherwise attempting to circumvent them will also be penalized as a rule violation.

Possible penalties are:

  • No Dev: It is no longer possible for you to join the dev server.
  • No Fight: It is no longer possible for you to participate in fights.
  • No Schem Receiving: Others can’t add you to their schematics or use them on your build server. Also, you cannot copy schematics from other players or upload schematics.
  • No Schem Sharing: You can no longer allow anyone to use your schematics. Also, no one can create a schematic on your build server. You also can’t download schematics.
  • No Schem Submitting: You can no longer submit schematics.
  • No Team Server: You can no longer link your team server to SteamWar.
  • No Event: Your team can no longer participate in events.
  • Note: A note will be added to your account.
  • Ban: You can no longer play on the server.
  • Mute: You can no longer write in the chat.

All the penalties above can be either temporary or permanent.

The server team reserves the right to change or amend these guidelines at any time. Unawareness does not protect from punishment!

Last update: 2024.05.04